Tuesday, March 18, 2008

McCain's Religious Ties? Oh... "That's Different"

Tapped takes a brief look at the religious extremists currently enjoying the warm embrace of John McCain, and the historic lack of calls for candidates to distance themselves from the controversial statements of the religious leaders who support them.


  1. I've heard it suggested that the reason people don't bother McCain about the nutters who endorse him and advise him is that people assume that McCain believes them to be nutters.

    That, if true, makes McCain a hypocrite. And raises the question, if McCain doesn't believe in the teachings of his religious advisors... could he be, in fact, the first atheist candidate? On the verge of becoming the first atheist President?

    If he is a believer, what's his religion? Where's his actual religious advisor - his minister? AWOL?

  2. Like any politician with national aspirations, he attends church. What he actually believes is harder to guess.

    It appears that McCain attends a Baptist church in Arizona, yet claims that he has never been baptized. To me, that seems a bit contradictory.


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