Sunday, February 03, 2008

Winning By Expressing Admiration And Emphasizing Common Ground

It is interesting to see where the extreme right of the Republican party attack McCain for such "atrocities" as questioning tax cuts that are not accompanied by spending cuts, campaign finance reform (attacking [corporate] free speech), immigration reform ("amnesty")....

It seems like there is a substantial portion of the Republican electorate that can be deterred from voting for McCain (or at least stripped of its enthusiasm) if the Democratic candidate runs a positive campaign which expresses admiration for some of these political stances, and emphasizes common ground between McCain and the Democratic candidate's platform. That would certainly not done across-the-board, as there are also many differences to emphasize ("Unlike my opponent, I'm not willing to commit to 100 years of war and untold trillions of taxpayer dollars, particularly in the absence of compelling evidence that our strategic goals are being achieved"). But on the hot button issues of the hard right, there's a lot of "common ground" to work with.

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