Friday, September 21, 2007

One Man's Vision Is Another Man's Delusion

Case in point.
This effort, which is nominally nonpartisan, is aimed at developing fresh solutions to the public policy problems that challenge the nation, from health care to immigration to inner-city education.

Gingrich is brimming with ideas on these subjects, but he is realistic enough to suggest that it may be five years before public opinion -- and other politicians -- are ready to embrace some of them.
Are we permitted to note, he's brimming with vapid ideas? (Sample #1; Sample #2; Sample #3). Oh but Broder tells us that he has a new "nominally nonpartisan" venture....
Government in the United States was designed to serve the interests of the people, not the government. This means that government must realize it does not own the money it spends – that money belongs to the people, who have chosen to tax themselves and offer some of their hard earned resources to government to do very specific and enumerated tasks with it.
Wow... how do they come up with such deep thoughts and fine writing... So deep... So... visionary.

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