Thursday, August 30, 2007

What's A SEO Professional To Do?

As a follow-up to my post on buying links, I found this blog entry by a person who has been offering commercial SEO services "for around 12 - 18 months". The gist is more or less what I suggested before - the modern class of SEO's seem a bit puzzled by the concept of what to do if you can't buy links. One comment suggests finding ways to buy them "under the radar" (i.e., invisibly to Google), and another suggests (of all things) convincing people that you have quality content on your site deserving of their links.

I've never done much to hype my sites and have never purchased (or sold) links; they do pretty well, but I suspect if I were to start them from the ground up (absent a lot of luck) that would not be the case.

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