Tuesday, July 10, 2007

They Hate Us - We Adhere To "Certain Principles"

Today we are blessed with having Richard Cohen explain why America is hated in some parts of the world:
But, in a way, America has little choice about being hated in some parts of the world. The United States is never going to be truly popular as long as it insists on adhering to certain principles. Russia, which is creeping back to totalitarianism, does not have this problem. China, which is already authoritarian and obstructionist on Darfur, does not have this problem. Cuba, which is authoritarian, obstructionist and vile, also does not have this problem. Many Serbs hate America for the NATO bombing of that country, but the bombing stopped the killing in the Balkans. Tell me that was the wrong thing to do.
Unfortunately, other than bombing Serbia - something that doesn't much distinguish the U.S. from any other NATO member nation - he doesn't inform us what those "principles" are. Perhaps in his next column?

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