Monday, January 22, 2007


Doesn't that pretty much say it all?
Most opinions, however, don't really need to be written down at all. They can be replaced by a sound effect - the audible equivalent of an internet frowny-face. Imagine a sort of world-weary harrumph accompanied by the faintest glimmer of a self-satisfied sneer. That's 90% of all human opinion on everything, right there. Internet debates would be far more efficient if everyone just sat at their keyboards hitting the "harrumph" key over and over again. A herd of people mooing their heads off. Welcome to 2007.


  1. That's really unfair. Many opinions should properly be replaced with "tsk-tsk" or a gasp of mock horror, you harrumphist.

  2. /\ - I'm "glowering" with contempt in your general direction; you two soundists.


  3. In that case, a suggestion: Fewer words. More glower.

  4. You don't even HAVE a blog to harrumph on, C!

  5. That's probably because one of the "glowers" few faults is that it doesn't translate real well into the written word . . . : )


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