Tuesday, June 27, 2006


If you don't think McCain (like most of his Senate brethren) will pander to the more reactionary elements of American society, he and 65 other senators beg to differ.

Oh, isn't that special, Debbie. Maybe if Ned Lamont loses the primary race, he can come to Michigan and run against Stabenow.


  1. Is Michigan now a dumping ground for really bad politicians? May I send you some of ours?

  2. Please, no - we're barely rid of Engler and Abraham. And have you seen Detroit lately?

    I might suggest trading Feinstein for Stabenow, but... it's probably an even swap.

  3. . . . although I would recommend pulling the trigger on a Conyers for Feinstein swap . . .


  4. Losing a Member of Congress but gaining a third Senator? If you're taking the long-term view, it could even be worth trading for a Frist or an Inhofe.


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