Monday, June 20, 2005

Wedding Rings

A wedding ring story from mythago, and her comment on John Scalzi's wedding ring story (to which she links), brought to mind another....

A friend of mine was getting married, and was emphatic that he was not going to wear a wedding ring. Perhaps needless to say, he endured some teasing on the subject from his friends.

The minister who was to preside over the ceremony approached him and inquired if this was in fact the case. My friend affirmed that it was. "I see," the minister responded. "In all my years as a minister, I have only had one other man who didn't wear a wedding ring after the ceremony. He worked with industrial machinery, and if a wedding ring were caught in a machine it might rip his finger off." The minister then excused himself to attend to other duties.

"See?," my friend asked, "The minister says it's okay if I don't wear a ring."

(I doubt that I need to explain that my friend does not work with industrial machinery, for you to figure out that the minister probably intended a different message.)

Epilogue: He now wears a wedding band.


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  2. Great story! Every so often we create an engagement ring and wedding band for a couple where the future groom initially does not want a wedding ring. Inevitably we get a call within several weeks requesting a ring for the groom.


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