Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Straight Talk

Today, Richard Cohen explains that if only John Kerry would be more candid, in the manner of John McCain, he might do as well against Bush as McCain did four years ago. Well, he might have said that had he remembered how well McCain's candor worked for him at the polls, as opposed to in person....


  1. Aaron,

    In light of all the Swift Vets stuff, some commentators have recalled the Republican primary when GWB and McCain were contending for the nomination.

    If you recall, what exactly transpired between those two? Any "dirty tricks"? Was McCain's service record somehow questioned or besmirched?

    Paul (Craddick)

  2. Here's an editorial on that subject. Another attack on McCain from that race involved the suggestion that his adopted daughter was the illegitimate product of a biracial union.


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