Sunday, March 21, 2004

What Took Them So Long?

The Washington Post editorializes about Bush and Kerry,
There are real differences here. As Mr. Cheney said, Americans may have the clearest and most meaningful choice on national security in any presidential election during the last 20 years. But that choice should be about how the United States can win the crucial battles now underway -- not whether they should be fought.
It took a year for the Washington Post to figure that out?

Yes, folks, it is important to discuss potential military actions before they occur - and important lessons can be drawn from the way we entered Iraq. It is important to discuss strategies toward continuing military actions - and important lessons can be learned from the Bush Administration's failure to heed advice that departed from what it wanted to hear, to admit its (many) mistakes, or to be candid with the American people about its present strategy for either the Iraq war or the "war on terror". But you can't turn back time.


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